Welcome! Boozhoo! Aanin! Wahcheye!

Wakenagun Youth Healing Lodge will provide mental health and substance use healing utilizing a trauma-informed approach to Indigenous youth aged 12-17, regardless of gender identity.

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Our Mission

In keeping with the sacred teachings of the Creator, Wakenagun will provide a nurturing and supportive environment for First Nation Youth who are embarking on their Healing Journey to Wellness of Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Our Programs at a glance


The begining of the 12-week core couselling program


Where we understand your needs and create a plan that works for you


Learning the tools to transition back into the community


For communities, schools, parents and support workers

“Honour your pain and strength and stand in your resiliency”

- Brene Brown

Pelican High Peak

Visit our co-ed youth-focused locations in Sioux Lookout, ON where we support youth with addiction and mental health challenges with treatment, resources, and self-empowerment.


Offers a culturally focused solvent abuse program working with First Nation males 18-30 years old in Thunder Bay, Ontario.